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About CoinHunters

Located in Edwardsville, Illinois, we have been in business since 2017. What began as a hobby, quickly morphed into a small, profitable part-time venture and grew into a full-time, full-fledged auction house. We moved into our newest location in Edwardsville and continue our Numismatic & Collectibles Auctions, whilst also adding a retail Coin Shoppe. Today, we run two online coin, currency and collectibles auctions per week, ever Wednesday and Sunday nights (unless we’re on vacation).

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We provide estate appraisals for purchase or insurance purposes. We take consignments for sale in our auctions. We purchase collections, estates, and inherited items outright. As a professional numismatist, I can find you those hard to find coins and key pieces for your collection. We deal in bullion and precious metals sales, as well as buying gold, silver, jewelry, watches and more. We also serve our fellow coin dealers in helping them move inventory that may have become stagnant.

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Why Choose CoinHunters?

As a trusted auction house and coin shoppe since 2017, Coinhunters has the expertise required to help you understand the value of your coins and key pieces, while also providing the platform to buy or sell for your collection.

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